Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miss Sixty Fall '09

These are my fav from the collection. Enjoy dummbos

playtime with wayfarer

oh my, this is the latest post since, since, oh i forgot! too bad..i'm not in my mood to post something, like i said in my tweet before
but who cares? i'm back already

Now, i won't write to many
so Enjoy guys

top: taylor made. polka bow: DIY .wayfarer: Forever21

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

corset meets grandmom's outfits

all of the stuff that i wear belongs to my grandmom, except the corset and legging,corset is my new favorite fashion item yoo! why? it can magically make "something" look edgy or even classy and make you look slimmer of course!

DIY jeans


hey hey, sorry for my absence, but i'm back anyway. this is one of my DIY project
+ cut off the jeans
+ BAYCLEAN! put into it or another bleach product, mix it with water, but don't too much,
+ wait for a while, depend with how much bayclean you use, i thought i have to wait till morning ( i worked at night) but it less than 2hours!! i think i put too much bayclean
that's all, pretty easy huh?
see you in another DIY project :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tod's Bauletto Bags

I saw this bag at ELLEIndonesia Magazine, i was like " gees, i love it", first reason because it's colour, second- the materials,third-it's timeless, let's say i have one(that would be sooo great), i can share with my mom and i think, if i treat it good, i can use for a long time, and when my sister getting bigger (she's 7 now), we can share it too, 3 generation dude! even it was expensive, it still worth to buy.. cheers :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

really really like it :D

picture by:
geez, i did browsing some fashion blog, then i found this website, Freudian Kicks, it's was so lovely, if mommy already give me a credit card, maybe i'll use it extremely. Why? because i love everything they sell! well, almost.. i pick some picture of view things that i like, hope you like it too :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

photo session before sleep :)

Glasses or Mask???: DIY, White shirt: Esprit
yup, i made that glasses, well, not a glasses actually, but look like glasses. i'm in my grandma house now so i can't buy cute things here. it's a small town, you can't find many quirky things, like when i'm in jakarta, it's so different. okay i did'nt mean to being arrogant or what. So i made by my self, easy, just buy some glossy paper, yea, i dont know what its name so i called glossy paper, and a hard paper, maybe? or anything as long as its quite thick, you can use it. then just make like what you want. hahaa. Okay enough for today, see next time :)

P.S: sorry for bad grammar, i don't pay much attention on my english lesson :D